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Cultural Projects

From Our Partners
and Customers




I worked very closely with Kim, many long hours with complex challenges in our path. She was always upbeat, positive and able to tackle complex issues with poise and creativity.
She is a great listener and, because of that, she is able to create magical experiences that touch people deeply and inspire them. 

Cindy Garren

Director of Cultural Programs

at South Florida State College

Intellect, sincerity, and sympathy are rarely together in one person. Kimberly is one of these exceptional personalities. This human quality is felt in all of her words and behaviors.  


Prof. Dr. Ataol Behramoglu
Istanbul Aydin University, Istanbul

Kimberly is one of those optimistic 'can do' people that I initially want to slap! Then, I sit back with amazement as she slams the hammer down, bulls-eye on the challenge. She is a heat-seeking missile who will have your back in every way!  


Sheelah Kaye-Stepkin

Former NBC Food Correspondent & owner of Torte Knox Cooking School  

Over the past 25 years, it has been my honor to partner with, work on projects with, or work for the following organizations (and many more). Gracious thanks to each one until the next time!

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